Benefits of Trayzi

Magical experience

A fully automated checkout experience without tiresome manual selection. Customers simply place and pay!

No more queues

Attractive to “grab & go” customers. Trayzi is always available and captures a full tray of items almost instantly.

Grow your business

Increase revenue per store. Point of sale errors are reduced, while shorter queues increase uptake.

Optimize your staff

Focus on service rather than checkout. Manned point of sale hours are reduced, freeing staff to do more productive tasks.

How does Trayzi work?


Your guest places their items under Trayzi.


Trayzi instantly identifies the items.


The guest makes a cashless payment.

AI Powered Self-checkout

Trayzi AI Platform

Our cloud backend is the management cockpit of Trayzi. AI powered, it learns to recognize items as a human cashier would. It then shares this knowledge with remote checkout terminals.

Trayzi Food Sensor

Trayzi uses small smart sensors to rapidly scan purchase items. The sensors adapt to changes in their environment. They can also capture a broad range of unpackaged items, including plated meals.


Our customers

Free flow restaurants


Amusement Parks

Convention Centers

Colleges & Universities

Airport cafes

About us

Trayzi is a SKIDATA sponsored initiative, with a dedicated engineering team based in Munich, Germany. The Trayzi initiative is part of SKIDATA’s intention to strengthen new product business through innovation, in particular in the computer vision sector. This includes new camera technology, face recognition and crowd detection technologies.

SKIDATA AG is a global company and a worldwide leader providing access solutions and visitor management. SKIDATA systems manage 1bn transactions in more than 50.000 POS checkouts in over 100 countries. SKIDATA has a world-class engineering team of computer vision, A.I. engineers and technical support worldwide.

SKIDATA around the world



Trayzi powered by SKIDATA

Austrian Office

Untersbergstraße 40
A–5083 Grödig
Salzburg Austria

German Office

St. Martin Straße 106
81669 Munich